Billing and Insurance Information


Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center physician practices are provider-based clinics within Orlando Health. The hospital will bill for any drugs, supplies, treatments or equipment utilized during your visit as an outpatient hospital claim. Your physician will bill separately for their time and services to evaluate your condition, create and review your treatment plan and any other services they may render. In addition, the physician may refer you for other services operated by the hospital, such as laboratory or X-ray, which will be billed through the hospital.

The hospital and the physician will both bill your insurance, provided your insurance information is current. In addition, all charges must be submitted to your insurance as outpatient hospital services and not as an office visit.

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If your insurance plan requires co-pay for outpatient hospital visits, please be prepared to pay at the time of your visit.


Based on your insurance plan and because the Cancer Center is provider-based, you may be responsible for paying a higher out-of-pocket amount as compared to services provided in a physician’s office setting. These out-of-pocket amounts will include your deductible and/or co-insurance. Please make sure to contact your insurance provider prior to the appointment so that you are aware of your plan’s hospital deductible and/or co-insurance. Due to insurance plan deductibles and co-insurances varying in price, it is extremely important for you to contact your insurance provider prior to your visit.

Medicare Patients

In accordance with Medicare’s laws and regulations, you will incur a co-insurance liability that you would not have incurred if this practice were not provider-based. Your actual co-insurance will depend on the services furnished at the practice/clinic. You may request an estimate of your co-insurance liability by contacting (321) 841-1430 and speaking with one of our financial counselors.

If you have any questions regarding your hospital bill, please call (321) 841-1430. For questions regarding your physician bill, please call (321) 841-3900.