Rehabilitation Services

The increase of patients diagnosed, living with, and surviving cancer has created a new awareness of the need for rehabilitation services. Orlando Health Rehabilitation Services helps people with disabilities related to cancer and its treatment achieve their maximum level of function and independence, and improves their quality of life.

Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Helps patients manage their lives at home, work or leisure in ways that are less demanding physically
  • Assists caregivers by teaching proper body mechanics to protect them from injury
  • Educates patients and family members to prevent further dysfunction
  • Establishes a monitored exercise program to assist patients in returning to their highest possible level of function
  • Helps individuals manage their pain
  • Educates both patient and family on the care, management, and prevention of lymphedema

Services Offered

  • Occupational therapy focuses on a person's ability to manage his or her daily life including home, work, and leisure activities
  • Physical therapy improves an individual's mobility, strength, and endurance to allow for maximum independence
  • Post-op breast cancer education and rehabilitation
  • Head and neck therapy including prevention and treatment of trismus
  • Speech and language pathology focuses on the person's ability to communicate and swallow effectively
  • Lymphedema management reduces and controls swelling problems related to cancer treatment