Art and Music Therapy - Arts in Medicine

Each month we are honored to present gifted professionals who will lead a workshop in an area of the arts, including creative writing, painting, and photography. Attendees will have fun, be inspired, learn to let go, and find new creative place within themselves. No previous experience is required.

*September to Remember:

First Introduction to Oils! Come and see our guest artist turn you into a pro with his exciting two hour workshop. No experience necessary. You will apply layer on top of layer of paint working in wet on wet. Your beautiful Florida landscape will emerge from light to dark, as we explore this medium never offered before through Arts in Medicine! Our workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to learn something new while enjoying fellowship with others.

**Awesome October:

Putting the pieces together! Together we can do anything workshop – learn how to construct a hopeful image out of ordinary magazine pictures. Come and play a symphony color on paper. We will be combining different color combinations to create a single design which depicts a hopeful image.

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