UF Health Cancer Center Is In The News

There are many developments happening at UF Health Cancer Center.

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Katie Dagenais, M.A.
Orlando Health
Media Relations and Public Affairs Manager
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Publication date: Friday, May 15, 2015

UF Health Cancer Center — Orlando Health has been in the news over the past few weeks in a variety of media outlets discussing many different oncology topics. Check out the links and details below to the television broadcasts and publications that focus on important oncology information and feature many of our oncology experts.

Live Science — ‘Deadly, Lesser-Known Head and Neck Cancers Can’t Be Ignored’ &mdash Op/Ed &mdash Dr. Pattani and Dr. Toro-Serra

To recognize Head and Neck cancer awareness month in April, an Op/Ed by surgical oncologists Dr. Kavita Pattani and Dr. Rafael Toro-Serra, was published in Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op/Ed and Insights section. The Op/Ed “Deadly, Lesser-Known Head and Neck Cancers Can't be Ignored” looks at the reality of head and neck cancers, the risk factors and symptoms and why the public needs to take these types of cancers very seriously. Live Science is a popular online health resource with a large audience of 7.5 million.

Read the article here.

UCF Knightly News — Laryngectomy Support Group &mdash Linda Stachowiak and Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Also to bring attention to the realities of head and neck cancer, the UCF student broadcast UCF Knightly News recently ran a story about the UFHCC-OH Laryngectomy Support Group. The group, which is led by Linda Stachowiak, speech pathologist and UCF professor, provides patients, who have undergone laryngectomies, a chance to connect and share their experiences as cancer survivors.

The support group welcomed UCF speech language pathology graduate students to observe a session to help educate them about the role of speech therapy in the lives of head and neck cancer survivors. The experience helped students see first-hand the impact of head and neck cancer and hear directly from patients who have undergone a laryngectomy. The story, which featured UFHCC-OH head and neck cancer patients and survivors who attend this support group, can be viewed on YouTube here.

Medical Tourism Magazine — Sun, Sand and Medical Tourism: Florida Lawmakers Banking on Destination Branding — Dr. Klein and UFHCC-OH patient Amy Caterina

Florida is certainly a top tourist destination, but now the spotlight is also shining on the state as a destination for medical tourists. UFHCC-OH’s Dr. Richard Klein and Amy Caterina, a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Feiner, were included in a recent article in Medical Tourism Magazine “Sun, Sand and Medical Tourism: Florida Lawmakers Banking on Destination Branding” highlighting medical tourism in the state of Florida. Caterina travelled to UFHCC-OH from her home in San Diego for the specialized VLNT (vascularized lymph node transfer) procedure.

Dr. Richard Klein, Dr. Kenneth Lee and Dr. Jeffrey Feiner are among a handful of surgeons in the nation and the only in Florida who are performing this surgical procedure to bring relief to patients with lymphedema. As a result approximately 20 percent of patients who undergo this procedure at UFHCC-OH are travelling here from outside of Florida.

You can read more here.

Florida Doctor Magazine — State Surgeon General Armstrong Recognizes UF Health Cancer Center — Orlando Health

And, finally be sure to check out the May edition of Florida Doctor Magazine for the article “State Surgeon General Armstrong Recognizes UF Health Cancer Center &mdash Orlando Health” which highlighted the Florida Surgeon General’s visit to UFHCC-OH to recognize our center as a Cancer Center of Excellence. UFHCC-OH is one of four cancer centers in the state and the only in Central Florida to receive this prestigious distinction. Check out the story on page 7 of Florida Doctor Magazine.