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  • icon-article-18-redHealthy Weight Control From the Ground Up

    Join us for this FREE 5-week program Focusing on optimizing weight control through the power of plant-based eating.

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  • icon-article-18-redCan Gel Nails Increase the Risk of Skin Cancer?

    Beautifully polished nails that last for weeks. That’s the promise of gel manicures, which use specially formulated nail polish and ultraviolet (UV) rays to create long-lasting results. However, the gel manicure process also can create long-term damage to the skin and nails.

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  • icon-article-18-redSafely Providing the Care You Need

    With Central Florida’s only Level One Trauma Center and safety net hospital, Orlando Health has the experts and the experience to deal with any situation. That has continued despite the threat posed by COVID-19. Our clinical workforces are well-prepared and highly skilled at caring for both routine and extreme cases of any type, including COVID-19. They can do this without compromising the safety of other patients, physicians, team members or visitors.

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  • icon-article-18-red100 Years of Caring

    When Orange General Hospital opened its doors on November 5, 1918, Orlando and the nation were in the midst of historical events with great significance: World War I would end in just six days, a worldwide Spanish influenza epidemic already had killed more than a half million Americans and national elections had brought sweeping congressional changes.

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  • icon-article-18-red10 Ways to Maintain Healthy Sperm

    For couples wanting to conceive, reproductive health is important for both mom and dad. The ideal sperm are more likely to be found in men who have healthy lifestyles, so here are 10 ways men can do their part:

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  • icon-article-18-redOrlando Health will leverage Epic to enhance patient care and experience

    Orlando, FL (December 14, 2018) – Orlando Health will streamline health data and care delivery for patients and clinicians through the adoption of Epic, the most widely-used and comprehensive health records (CHR) system.

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  • icon-article-18-redThe Evolution and Revolution of Women’s Health Care

    Women are part of an evolving healthcare movement that only within the past 30 years has recognized their specific wellness and treatment.

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  • icon-article-18-redShould You Get the New Shingles Vaccine?

    One out of every three Americans will develop shingles in their lifetime. The painful, blistery skin rash that appears on the chest is caused by the same virus that’s responsible for chickenpox. So, if you’ve ever had chickenpox, you’re at risk for shingles, which can last from two to four weeks.

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  • icon-article-18-red Life-Saving Device Fights Brain Cancer

    Jason Mulcahy was on a family vacation in Massachusetts, taking one last picture on the beach, when his jaw began to quiver uncontrollably. It was the summer of 2016. 

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  • icon-article-18-redNavigating Early Prostate Cancer Detection

    When it comes to prostate cancer, early detection is key to treating the 1 in 9 men diagnosed in their lifetime. UroNav, a software-based technology, makes early detection of this common male cancer even more accurate.

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