Radiation Therapy

Using high-energy X-rays, radiation therapy kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors. Radiation may come from a machine (external radiation therapy or proton therapy) or by placing radioactive materials into your body temporarily (internal radiation therapy or brachytherapy). You may receive radiation therapy after your surgery [Link to thoracic cancer Robotic Surgery page] to ensure all cancer cells are destroyed.

At Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, our expert radiation oncologists provide personalized care and the latest radiation therapy techniques. We work with you to determine which therapy technique is right for you and to reduce any side effects of your treatment.

Types of Radiation Therapy

Our radiation therapy experts design your treatment based on your specific needs. Types of radiation therapy include:

  • External radiation therapy. Most patients receive this type of therapy for three to six weeks. During treatment, we deliver specific doses of radiation therapy to a targeted area of your body. Using the latest technology, we deliver radiation to the same, precise area — the radiation beam even moves with you as you breathe to help ensure surrounding, healthy cells aren’t damaged (deep inspiration breath hold, or DIBH).
  • Internal radiation (brachytherapy). During this treatment, radioactive seeds are inserted temporarily into your body where tumors or cancerous cells were removed. The seeds only target the small area of your body affected by cancer, leaving as many healthy cells as possible. This type of radiation therapy offers effective results with fewer sessions and shorter treatments.

Radiation Therapy Locations

For your convenience, we offer radiation therapy treatments in our downtown location and in clinics throughout the area.