Cancer Support Services

At the Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, our goal is to treat each person as an individual and deliver high quality  cancer care while maintaining your quality of life as much as possible.  Our team approach incorporates all the resources necessary to ensure a safe cancer journey and maintenance of overall health and well-being. Some of the service available include:

Nutritional Counseling: Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is an important part of any cancer treatment plan. Our registered,  licensed dieticians work with our medical team to provide you with nutrition education and support before, during and after treatment. Our services include customized meal plans, education on healthy eating and ongoing follow up visits for a healthy lifestyle  after treatment. Our nutrition services are available at no cost to our patients. 
Integrative Medicine Program: Our Integrative Medicine Program is designed to promote your well-being and nurture hope throughout your treatment. Our team of doctors and nurses collaborate with our Integrative Medicine  team to provide complementary support services through our Cancer Support Community, Artists-in-Residence program, Spiritual Care department, and Patient and Family Counseling department. 
Survivorship Clinic:This follow up program provides care to patients who have survived cancer, are in long-term therapy to prevent cancer from returning or to those at high-risk of developing cancer in the  future. We understand the specific risks and potential areas of your health that can be affected in the future after achieving cancer cure. 
Our Approach to Treatment 

At the Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, we understand how difficult the journey through cancer may be. Our goal  is to support you with a team of knowledgeable and caring physicians who are focused on helping you overcome this disease. 

Our team of experts aims to develop the most effective treatment plan for each patient. Through this multidisciplinary approach,  we leverage the best of many minds to eliminate cancer and minimize recurrence, while focusing on survival and quality of life. Our commitment is to provide our patients with hope through outstanding, personalized care.