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Medical Oncologists

Medical oncologists coordinate and design your cancer treatments. They are fellowship-trained in oncology (cancer care) and focus on treating lung and thoracic cancers. Your medical oncologist will give you personalized treatment options that research shows are the most effective for your type of cancer. Our team also will help you manage your cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Tirrell Johnson, MD

Tirrell Tremayne Johnson, MD

Hematology & Oncology

Jennifer Tseng, MD

Jennifer E. Tseng, MD

Hematology & Oncology

Radiation Oncologists


Radiation oncologists receive specialized training to deliver targeted radiation therapy for cancer. Using precise measurements and physics, your radiation oncologist designs radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells, maintain as many healthy cells as possible and reduce your chance of cancer recurrence.


Georges A. Hobeika, MD

Radiation Oncology

Rafael Manon, MD

Rafael R. Manon, MD

Radiation Oncology

Justin Rineer, MD

Justin Mathew Rineer, MD

Radiation Oncology

Thoracic Surgeons

Thoracic surgeons receive years of education and training to perform procedures on the chest, including lung surgery, esophageal surgery, mediastinal surgery and more. They were the first in the region to perform thoracic robotic surgeries, and are frequently recognized among the best doctors in Orlando. Our expert thoracic surgeons speak both English and Spanish.

Juan Escalon, MD

Juan Carlos Escalon, MD

Thoracic Surgery


Luis J. Herrera, MD

Thoracic Surgery


Matthew A. Johnston, MD

Thoracic Surgery