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Rod Taylor Thoracic Care Center

The Rod Taylor Thoracic Center team of experts is dedicated to providing state-of-the art diagnostic and therapeutic methods for lung and esophageal cancer. Often what seems like a straightforward, abnormal chest X-ray or lung nodule requires understanding of the entire spectrum of treatment options to select the least invasive method for diagnosis and treatment. All aspects of a patient’s journey are taken care of including nutritional support, cancer support and education, as well as spiritual and integrative medicine options.

Multidisciplinary Care

Effective management of thoracic cancers or chest tumors requires expertise from different specialties such as oncologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, and pathologists. Communication and coordination of care are essential to achieve a prompt diagnosis, correct staging, and effective treatment. This method centers care around the patient and focuses on the patient’s needs, desires, and concerns during treatment. We understand that quality of life is as important as treatment of your patient’s disease, and we partner with each patient to design a personalized treatment plan.

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Guide to Understanding Lung Cancer

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