Benefits of Proton Therapy at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center 

We know cancer – and it shows. Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center is the only cancer center in Central Florida to be recognized by the State of Florida as a Cancer Center of Excellence. To gain this distinction, our team demonstrated leadership in comprehensive cancer treatment, research, care and education. For those facing cancer, this means more treatment options, better patient outcomes, and research for a better future. Today, research is unlocking the keys to understanding why cancers happen and how they grow and spread. As a Cancer Center of Excellence, we are at the forefront of this research, making new discoveries and using that knowledge to develop better, more precise treatments for patients. This requires a team approach, comprised of top specialists in every cancer type and discipline working together to provide the best treatment plan for each patient – assuring care is for the whole person. Improving outcomes. That is what it comes down to for the dedicated men and women of the Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center. Our goal is to give you the best chance at surviving cancer and the best possible experience during and after treatment.

More Precise Radiation Dose Delivery Close to Critical Organs

Proton therapy is the most advanced radiation treatment available for tumors located close to critical organs and highly sensitive areas, such as the spinal cord, heart, and brain. Alone or in combination with other treatments, proton therapy is well suited for many specific types of cancers and benign conditions. It also is an important treatment option for cancers that cannot be completely removed by surgery.

How Proton Therapy Works

Proton beams are generated and accelerated by a sophisticated device called a cyclotron. Our cyclotron is one of the most technically advanced types available worldwide. Once the proton beam exits the cyclotron it passes through a series of hardware components located downstream from the cyclotron that adjust the beam’s shape and range precisely so it is customized for each patient’s particular tumor treatment.