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Urologic Cancer Treatment

At Orlando Health, we understand that your cancer is not like everyone else’s cancer. That’s why we work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that focuses on eliminating your cancer while preserving your quality of life. We provide a full spectrum of advanced treatments, including chemotherapy, targeted radiation therapy and minimally invasive surgery options.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

In cases where prostate cancer is discovered early and is slow-growing, “watchful waiting” may be the best treatment. For more aggressive or fast-growing cases, we offer a variety of treatment options including targeted radiation and surgery. 

Targeted radiation therapy, including brachytherapy, is used to shrink or eliminate cancer while reducing the effect on other nearby organs. When surgery is needed, we offer minimally invasive, laparoscopic, and video-assisted tumor and prostate removal. Advanced cancer treatment may also include chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy to stop or slow down tumor growth.

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Our goal is to preserve as much of your bladder function as possible while treating your bladder cancer. In many cases, we use chemotherapy to target cancer cells, as well as other drug therapies that signal your body’s immune system to fight the disease. 

For early stage bladder cancer, your treatment may include minimally invasive surgery to remove the cancer, followed by drug therapy to reduce the chances that cancer will reoccur. If your tumor is muscle invasive, radiation therapy can be used to target specific areas while sparing healthy bladder tissue. In advanced cases, partial or complete bladder removal may be required to eliminate the cancer. After bladder removal, bladder reconstruction surgery can help improve or restore your urinary and sexual function.

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Treatment for kidney cancer depends on the stage and location of the disease. In some cases, cancerous cells can be eliminated using small needles to freeze or boil them during a minimally invasive procedure. 

When surgery is needed, we offer minimally invasive and traditional options to remove tumors or an entire cancerous kidney. If the cancer has spread beyond the kidneys, your treatment may include chemotherapy or radiation to slow or stop its growth.

Penile Cancer Treatment

We offer a range of options to treat penile cancer, including targeted radiation therapy. When surgery is needed, our surgical oncologists provide minimally invasive options including video-assisted surgery and laparoscopy, which minimize pain and recovery time. In some cases, such as if the cancer has spread, we may recommend chemotherapy as a follow-up treatment to target and kill cancer cells.

Testicular Cancer Treatment

Testicular cancer treatment may include a variety of options such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Our goal is to find the treatment or combination of treatments that are best for you. 

We provide targeted radiation therapy to shrink or eliminate cancer while reducing the effect on other nearby organs. When surgery is needed, we offer minimally invasive, video-assisted surgery, which can minimize your pain and recovery time.

Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome Treatment

When tumors due to Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome are cancerous, or causing life-threatening side effects, our team can help find the right treatment option. Some tumors can be treated using targeted radiation to kill or shrink cancer cells while minimizing the effect on other organs. When surgery is needed, we offer minimally invasive, video-assisted surgery options to minimize your pain and recovery time, as well as laser surgery for tumors located in the eyes.

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