Celebrating a milestone


Varian Edge

In our ongoing efforts to continually advance radiosurgery treatments, the state-of-the-art Edge™ Radiosurgery System is a valuable resource to help advance the way we treat cancer. The Edge radiosurgery system is the latest in the evolution of radiosurgery. One of the key characteristics of radiosurgery is precision and accuracy, and Edge offers advanced tools designed to deliver highly accurate radiation to tumors of the brain, spine, lungs and other areas of the body.

In addition to the high level of confidence in targeting tumors with precision, Edge also offers enhanced power and speed. This allows our surgeons and clinicians the ability to pinpoint the target and deliver highly focused treatments, in fewer sessions and at a faster rate, while minimizing the radiation dose received by surrounding healthy tissue.

By being able to pinpoint the tumor and track it in real time, Edge’s real-time system design helps enable a high level of synchronization between imaging, patient positioning, motion management, beam shaping and dose delivery technologies — all potentially reducing the overall time and resources required when compared to traditional methods.