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Lymphedema Evaluation and Treatment Clinic

Because treatment for lymphedema requires collaboration among a team of healthcare professionals, we take a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment. Our experienced specialists and support staff work together on each case to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, resulting in the best outcomes for you.

At Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, our experienced physicians will assess your condition using sophisticated imaging tools and technology. Following the initial diagnosis, we will collectively review your case to determine the most effective treatment plan.

Until recently, decongestive therapy, which involves intensive massaging and compression, was the only available treatment option for lymphedema patients. While compression garments and therapy offer some degree of symptom relief, these therapies can be time consuming and often fail to provide long-term curative results.

Our specially trained surgeons employ advanced microsurgical techniques to transfer five to eight healthy lymph nodes into the affected body part. In time, these vascularized lymph nodes will grow new lymphatic channels, bridging the gap between the blocked and unblocked channels and allowing the lymphatic fluid to drain properly.

The revolutionary vascularized lymph node transfer has shown promising long-term results for many of our patients. After the procedure, lymphedema symptoms typically decrease or completely resolve. This includes reduced pain, swelling and tightness in the extremity, improved range of motion and a feeling of lightness in the affected limb. Many patients begin to see symptom improvement within one to two months after the surgery, and maximum results are typically achieved within two years.