Genetic Counseling

Approximately five to 10 percent of all breast cancers develop due to genetics. Knowledgeable genetic counselors at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center are dedicated to helping you and your family learn more about your health. Signs that you are genetically predisposed to cancer include:

  • Cancer diagnosis before age 50.
  • Multiple close family members with the same type of cancer or related cancers.
  • Two or more cancer diagnoses in the same individual, such as breast cancer in both breasts.
  • Certain rare tumors or cancers, such as male breast cancer.

If you or your family show these signs of hereditary cancer, you may benefit from genetic counseling. 

Genetic counseling services

During genetic counseling, you can work with an experienced genetic counselor to determine you and your family’s risk for cancer. Your genetic counselor will: 

  • Review your personal and family medical history
  • Assess and explain the risk for hereditary forms of cancer
  • Describe the benefits, risks and limitations of genetic testing
  • Interpret your genetic test result and explain what it means for your family 

Genetic testing benefits

A positive genetic test doesn’t mean that you will develop cancer, only that you are at an increased risk for cancer. Other members of your family may also need genetic testing to determine their individual risk for cancer and to learn more about cancer prevention.

You should use your genetic testing results to develop a plan for a healthy lifestyle. By making healthy choices and following a personalized screening plan, you can prevent breast cancer or detect breast cancer early when treatment is most effective.

For more information, please call 321.841.GENE (4363).