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Cancer Genetics Center

Breast cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling provides valuable information to help better understand your risk of developing breast cancer and to identify those who may be at high risk for hereditary forms of the disease. Genetic counseling usually includes:

  • A review of personal and family history
  • An assessment and explanation of the risk for a hereditary form of cancer
  • A description of the benefits, risks and limitations of genetic testing
  • Interpretation of the genetic test results and an explanation of what it means for the family

Genetic counseling typically requires up to two visits. During your initial appointment, you will have a physical exam by an advanced practice provider and a genetic counselor will review your personal and family history; explain hereditary cancer syndromes; review the risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing; and discuss screening and management plans. If genetic testing is appropriate and desired, the process of genetic testing and/or insurance pre-authorization may be started. The second visit involves disclosure of the results and a discussion of your medical management with a physician and our genetic counselor.

For more information, please call 321.841.GENE (4363).