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Breast Care Center

At the Breast Care Center at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, we use the latest diagnostic tools and treatments to support you throughout your cancer journey. From diagnosis to treatment to survivorship, our experts offer compassionate, comprehensive care. Our number-one priority is you.

Members of your care team — including medical, surgical and radiation oncologists as well as pathologists and reconstructive surgeons — work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. This multidisciplinary-care approach means our team works together to give you the latest, evidence-based treatment for your specific type and stage of cancer.

Our Breast Care Center offers you access to the most advanced technology and innovative treatments available, including clinical trials that give you access to new types of treatment options. We also offer several breast cancer support services.

At our Breast Care Center, we treat the whole person — meaning we care for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs — so you can maintain a high quality of life throughout treatment and beyond.

With one phone call to Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center, I had three back-to-back appointments with medical, surgical and radiation oncologists – set up at one location. To walk in one door and have everything done in one place is just unbelievable.

Peggy Sue

Patient of Dr. Ana Cuesta Fernandez, Dr. Terry Mamounas, and Dr. Tomas Dvorak

Peggy Sue
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