It’s that time of year. Your favorite teams are in full swing and the big game is around the corner. So let’s make sure your lungs are ready to roar! With next-day appointments and a super streamlined process, it’s easier than ever to schedule a lung screening that could save your life.

A Recognized Leader in Robotic Lung Surgery

The Rod Taylor Thoracic Care Center at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center provides state-of-the art diagnostics and treatments for lung and esophageal cancer. As a da Vinci® epicenter for thoracic robotic surgery, our program is a recognized leader in the treatment of lung cancer, chest tumor and esophageal cancer.

"I never expected to hear that I had stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes. You could say I’ve been unlucky, but I’ve also been very lucky. I was lucky that I found the right people at the right time at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center."

Carlene, Lung Cancer Paitent

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