Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center

Our specialized, multidisciplinary approach means each patient benefits from the expertise of a team of professionals including medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists, nuclear medicine doctors and advanced practice nurses, along with support staff such as social workers, counselors, dietitians, and pharmacists. You can be assured of receiving exceptional attention based upon your individual diagnosis and medical needs.

In addition to medical consultations, the Cancer Center's clinical staff use the center to collaborate with our Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center colleagues on projects including breast cancer reconstruction, clinical research and policy formation. Other telemedicine uses include long distance training and educational sessions.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center uses a specialized multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of cancer. This offers our patients the best opportunity for an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment available. Our patients benefits from the expertise and daily interaction of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists and other specialists.

Each patient at the Cancer Center has a medical team that consists of an attending physician, nurse practitioner, social worker, and dietitian. The attending physician makes the diagnosis based on your individual needs, suggests the treatment strategy, and supervises all aspects of care. This team coverage continues even after a patient has completed treatment.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Today, cancer researchers are making significant strides toward understanding this terrible disease, and as a result, promising new treatments for cancer are being developed. Because of our involvement in research and clinical trials, we are one the few cancer centers in the U.S. able to provide several of the newest anti-cancer agents, still under investigation, to patients coming for treatment in Orlando.

Treating the Whole Person

The Cancer Center recognizes there is more to cancer care than an expert team of medical professionals, advanced technology and access to research; we understand that we need to treat the entire individual – body, mind and spirit. Our wellness programs are intended to create a bridge between standard medical care and spiritual healing through complementary and integrative medicine. Our wellness programs include:

  • Spiritual Care and Grief Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Palliative and Supportive Care
  • Meditation and Guided Imagery for Pain Management
  • Nutritional Counseling