About Us

From the President Mark Roh, MD

For more than twenty years, our cancer center has been a premier cancer treatment facility, providing exceptional cancer care to more than 80,000 patients. We now share a state Cancer Center of Excellence Award with our UF Health Cancer Center Gainesville affiliation.

We are passionate about the importance of our work, and dedicated to the patients and families that we serve. Every person is different – as is each patient's cancer. That's why we are committed to using the latest research to develop personalized cancer treatment plans based on each patient's unique genetics.

Our goal is to beat cancer – and here at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center that means:

  • Combining the talents of the best cancer doctors and top cancer researchers
  • Providing specialists for each type of cancer with facilities and resources that are at the leading edge of cancer treatment and care
  • Working to schedule next-day appointments with one or more doctors upon diagnosis
  • Offering patients the highest quality care and access to the broadest possible array of treatment alternatives including clinical trials of new medications
  • Providing care that is as compassionate as it is leading-edge. Through our comprehensive Cancer Support Community we offer patients and their families support for the emotional and wellness parts of the cancer treatment journey

The home of Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center is the state-of-the-art Charles Lewis Pavilion, a 220,000 square-foot structure completed in 2003. In addition to 60 private inpatient beds, the 10-story comprehensive multidisciplinary cancer center contains all ambulatory and other services required for cancer care from diagnosis through all phases of treatment and follow up. Our multidisciplinary team includes board-certified surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, therapists, researchers and counselors.

Our commitment is to do everything possible to provide the highest level of quality and compassionate care to you and your loved ones.