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Elizabeth Feldman, DMD

Dental Oncology / Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

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Kavita Malhotra Pattani, MD

Surgical Oncology / Otolaryngology

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Rafael Orlando Toro-Serra, MD

Surgical Oncology / General Surgery

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Jennifer E. Tseng, MD

Hematology & Oncology

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Mikhail Vaysberg, DO

Surgical Oncology / Otolaryngology

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Helen Brownson

Nurse Navigator

Helen is the certified nurse navigator for the head and neck population, coordinating care for our patients from diagnosis to survivorship. Her role is to help remove barriers and obstacles that may prevent patients receiving the appropriate care and to assist on the challenging journey of people with cancer, their families, friends and the Central Florida community in general.

Helen Brownson
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Our goal is to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our nurse navigators are here to help.